Ac2ality: ‘Young people want to know the news’

Founded in 2020 by the young Madrid-based entrepreneurs Gabriela Campbell, Daniela Álvarez, María Murillo and Paula Muñoz, Ac2ality has managed to carve out a niche for itself within the social network TikTok. Despite its short trajectory, it has become the news profile with the most followers in Spain and the second most followed in Europe, surpassed only by the Daily Mail. Internationally, it ranks in the top five positions, even above major US media outlets, such as the Washington Post.

Today, Ac2ality has become the ‘translator’ of current news for the Generation Z. As its co-founder, Daniela Álvarez, told APPLE TREE, ‘it is the most followed media outlet by Generation Z. We are the number one on TikTok worldwide in Spanish, and what we do is tell the news through entertainment’. A formula that has led them to success and for which they have achieved important recognition, such as appearing on the Forbes’ list of the ‘Most Creative 2023’.

Their format is based on publishing a total of six short videos every day, each approximately one minute long, where they describe the ‘five key things you need to know today’.  These short videos combine strong imagery with accessible language that appeals to the younger generation of viewers. As XX explains, ‘the content that works best is international politics, Spanish politics, and also entertainment topics and stories about company leaders, like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos; but in the end all the videos have hundreds of thousands of views and that shows you that young people want to know the news’.

Leticia Pérez de Camino, CEO, is clear about the benefit they offer to brands that want to collaborate with them: ‘We bridge the gap for brands who don’t know about the new platforms, helping them to create content so they can connect with our audience’.

As a media outlet, one of its greatest strengths is precisely its editorial and ideological independence, a factor they highlight as the secret to their success compared to traditional media. Nonetheless, a few months ago the Atresmedia group became a shareholder in the outlet and since then, some of its content has been featured on the group’s television channels.






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