APPLE TREE and KEEPER sign a strategic alliance

APPLE TREE and Keeper, long-time collaborators on influencer marketing projects for brands like Mahou, LEGO, and Manchester City, have joined forces to meet the growing demand from companies and brands. While both companies will continue to provide independent services to their clients with their own teams, they will also collaborate on projects requiring joint expertise, focusing on the development and training of their respective teams.

APPLE TREE believes that influencer marketing is not an area of the future; it is the present. The role of influencers is becoming increasingly important in building the image and reputation of brands, as well as in consumers’ purchasing preferences. We have been investing in and advising brands on THE SCIENCE OF INFLUENCE for years. Our strategies aim to maximise influencer-brand alignment and employ proprietary methodologies to measure and optimise return. With the addition of Keeper, our comprehensive service offering can expand further, eliminating duplicate intermediaries and making influencer strategies more efficient and effective.

As a pioneer in influencer marketing, APPLE TREE has worked with some of the world’s most iconic brands, developing innovative campaigns and actions with content creators for over a decade. On the other hand, Keeper has established itself as one of Spain’s leading influencer marketing and representation agencies. Thanks to their experience, service quality, creativity, and a talented pool of influencers, including Carolina Iglesias, Xuso Jones, and Henar Álvarez, they have successfully generated content for various networks and formats, including podcasts.






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