APPLE TREE collaborates on the B Corp ‘It’s Spelled With B’ campaign

To commemorate World Earth Day, B Corp, a movement dedicated to reshaping the global economy for the better, unveiled the public awareness campaign ‘SeEscribeConB’ (It’s Spelled With B). As both a member and the communication agency representing the B Corp movement in Spain, APPLE TREE played an active role in this initiative, which seeks to highlight the profound impact of individual and collective actions in fostering a fairer and more prosperous future for everyone.

Carme Miró, CEO and founder of APPLE TREE commented on the collaboration: “We’re incredibly proud to be both a B Corp company and the communication agency for the B Corp movement in Spain. B Corps are living proof that positive change is possible. We’re businesses that believe in building a more inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. As B Corps, we strive to be not only the best companies in the world, but also the best companies FOR the world.”

The movement rolled out a powerful action plan in key Spanish cities to amplify the message. Eye-catching visuals were displayed on prominent digital screens, including those on Gran Vía and at the iconic Callao Cinema in central Madrid.

B Corp has also partnered with over 25 influencers to boost campaign awareness further using the hashtag #SeEscribeConB. From May 13th to 31st, socially and environmentally conscious content creators will take over social media, searching for #SeEscribeConB Stories.  This campaign aims to inspire people to share stories that promote a more just, inclusive, and regenerative future for all.  Anyone can share their story on the dedicated campaign website.  From all the submissions, citizens will choose the three most inspiring real-life stories, and the authors will be rewarded with a set of products and experiences from B Corp member companies.

With over 8,500 companies worldwide, including 250 in Spain, the B Corp movement spearheads a transformative shift to address today’s key challenges. By doing so, B Corp showcases that businesses can positively impact both people and the planet, going beyond mere financial gains.






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