APPLE TREE reaffirms its position in the ‘BEST AGENCY TO WORK FOR’  rankings

Strategic communications agency APPLE TREE has once again secured a place in the prestigious “BEST AGENCY TO WORK FOR” ranking produced by Scopen. The agency has secured second place among the top communication agencies in Spain, as determined by this biannual study that assesses professionals’ perceptions of talent attraction and willingness to embrace change. In 2023, the survey gathered insights from 327 professionals employed by 31 different communication consultancies (representing a 19% increase in sample size compared to 2021). Of these respondents, 81% work in Madrid and 19% in Barcelona, with 67% identifying as women and 32% as men, averaging 38.5 years old.

For Carme Miró, CEO and founder of APPLE TREE, the agency’s success in this ranking lies in a unique culture based on values: “At APPLE TREE, we have four values that I think are different for a strategic agency that lives by and for INNOVATION and NEW THINKING, and that have led us once again to be ‘BEST AGENCY TO WORK FOR’. Firstly, kindness, because good people build organisations that are places of good atmosphere and that give more happiness and greater motivation to our professionals; courage, that is, daring to challenge ‘the status quo’; curiosity; and working to achieve maximum excellence in everything they do”.

Carme Miró, CEO and founder of APPLE TREE attributes the agency’s consistent success in this ranking to its unique culture, deeply rooted in core values: “At APPLE TREE, we live by and for INNOVATION and NEW THINKING and uphold four values that I believe set us apart from other strategic agencies. These values – kindness, courage, curiosity, and relentless pursuit of excellence – have once again propelled us to the ‘BEST AGENCY TO WORK FOR’ title. Kindness, because great people build organisations that foster a positive atmosphere, instilling happiness and motivation in our professionals. Courage is the audacity to challenge the status quo. Curiosity is the drive to explore new horizons. And, of course, the unwavering commitment to excellence in everything we do.”

Furthermore, APPLE TREE has emerged as the highest-rated communication agency among industry professionals, per the latest edition of PRScope, another Scopen-developed report. In fact, APPLE TREE has consistently maintained a top-10 position in market perception, client assessment, and competition rankings over the past three editions.

The best multidisciplinary talent

APPLE TREE’s value proposition is another of the key ingredients of the agency’s success. The agency’s diverse and multidisciplinary talent pool boasts a team of professionals spanning a wide range of expertise, from creatives and content creators to programmers and journalists.






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