APPLE TREE signs Alpecin’s latest creative campaign

APPLE TREE is behind Alpecin’s new creative campaign, ’Fight for Your Hair’. As part of this campaign, Alpecin presented an advert highlighting the determination and perseverance of men like Alberto Contador in maintaining a healthy and strong head of hair. Throughout the advert, the audience is given a glimpse into the cyclist’s daily routine, showing the importance of personal care as well as the effort he goes through to achieve his sporting goals. By revealing that even top athletes like Contador need to prioritise their personal care, Alpecin encourages all men to strive for healthy hair.

“Why Do I Use Alpecin?” is the name given to the inspirational activation campaign, spearheaded by APPLE TREE, that elevates Alberto Contador to the role of brand ambassador. The campaign’s primary objective is to address hair loss, a common concern among Spaniards, without resorting to taboos. It aims to normalise this issue by featuring a widely recognised personality like Contador, who candidly admits to being an Alpecin user for the past seven years.

The ad will be broadcast from July onwards on national television channels, as well as on pay-per-view platforms and Eurosport. It will also be shown on digital channels during major global cycling tour broadcasts. With this campaign, Alpecin confidently positions itself as a trusted partner for athletes and active men seeking to safeguard their hair health amidst their physical pursuits. The involvement of Alberto Contador, an internationally acclaimed sports figure, endorses the brand’s exceptional quality and effectiveness and instils confidence among consumers, assuring them that they are utilising a brand with the backing of sports professionals.






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