#appletreebytes with Jean-Christophe Demarta, Vice-President of The New York Times

Jean-Christophe Demarta shared the New York Times’s best practices for advertising during our last #appletreebytes

On 14th March, we organized an #appletreebytes at our offices in Madrid, one of our events that centres around innovation, strategy, creativity and the digital revolution and brings together leaders of the communication and marketing sectors. On this occasion the speaker was Jean-Christophe Demarta, the Senior Vice-President of Global Advertising at The New York Times. During the event, Demarta highlighted the importance of branded content as a key element in newspaper advertising.

Jean-Christophe shared his view on the New York Times’ success (whose following currently numbers 4.5 million paying subscribers) with the audience, explaining that it is due to a focus on high quality news and the fact that The NY Times has never ceased to invest in its news operation. He continued, emphasizing that “The reader is king, we have to think about their expectations when they open our newspaper and website. If, as well as offering quality content, we offer advertising that could be of interest to them and we don’t dominate their experience with a large number of advertisements that are no more than clickbait, we’re more likely to satisfy them and there is no doubt that the brands involved will communicate their messages better.”

The New York Times has developed an innovative advertising model with a specific focus on branded content including the creation of their T Brand Studio which distributes relevant content and experiences for brands.

Demarta elaborated on the strategy: “Thinking more about the long term, we changed our focus with regards to the effectiveness of our advertising. We realized that we could achieve better results for brands by generating quality advertising that could truly interest our readers.Virtual and augmented reality and podcasts are just a few examples of the new ways to tell stories that we are using at the New York Times, and they work very well. Influencers and experiential marketing are also very important”.

Carme Miró, founding partner and CEO of apple tree communications commented: “We are extremely grateful to have had Jean-Christophe Demarta with us for our most recent #appletreebytes. It has been an inspiration to witness the New York Times’ commitment to quality advertising content, created with its readers in mind. At apple tree we share his philosophy, as demonstrated by the recent creation of SEEDS, our digital magazine created for Generation Z.”





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