BCORP, the third B in the APPLE TREE DNA

It is not easy to find words to express the pride I feel announcing that APPLE TREE is officially a BCorp company. It is possibly one of the most special moments in the history of this agency for several reasons. First, because this certification means being part of a select group of companies that work for a better world from their business model; and because it recognizes the effort we have been making – since our beginnings more than 15 years ago – to make a dream come true: to create a strategic communications agency with good professionals and, above all, with good people. These are the two ‘B’s’ that have defined our roadmap and are the two ‘B’s’ that have brought us this far.

Now, we are adding a third ‘B’, Bcorp. This one – if it’s possible – is even more special, because it endorses all of the above. It allows us to demonstrate with measurable and invaluable facts that we have achieved our dream and allows us to congratulate ourselves for a job well done. From the beginning, we have always wanted to improve the world around us through our work. This is how Goodness Day was born, an initiative that arose from one of our core values and has marked our path. Being good people is the main element that characterizes our team of more than 120 people who work hand in hand in our offices in Barcelona, Madrid and London.

The aim of Goodness Day is to dedicate a day to improving our environment together. For some years now, we have been dedicating this day to improving the environment by planting trees in areas deforested by fires.

In addition to sustainability, APPLE TREE was born with a commitment to equality. We were three women who founded this agency and women still represent the majority of our team. We have always believed in fairness and equality between women and men. But for this to happen, we have found it necessary to ‘fight’ against the system – so to speak – and in our commitment we have always gone a step further, with courage and a lot of creativity.

This is how the first “Matrocinio” in history was born. Last year, as part of our continuing strategy to support and generate visibility in areas where women are less represented -such as sports- the agency became a sponsor of the women’s soccer club CFF Olympia. This “Matrocinio” includes both an economic contribution from APPLE TREE but also support via a training and mentoring plan to increase awareness and visibility of this women’s soccer club.

It is said that companies with purpose improve their reputation with employees by 83% and with customers by 69.5%[1] In this endeavor, many companies spend months searching for or redefining theirs. We did it the other way around: we created APPLE TREE in order to develop our vital purpose. Because we believe that, like happiness, purpose is in the small things that make a difference.

This may be one of the reasons why we were once again chosen as one of the best communication agencies to work for in Spain (Scopen, 2022), and we have become the ‘Best Consultancy’ for the Iberia region in the latest SABRE Awards EMEA 2022, the most internationally renowned awards in the communication sector.

Now, thanks to BCorp, we join the community of the best companies IN THE WORLD, proving that you can get to the top by doing things right and doing good.

Thank you

Carme Miró, CEO and co-founder of APPLE TREE.







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