mejores agencias de comuniación 2023

APPLE TREE retains its position as the most attractive ‘communication agency’ for advertisers

El Publicista has again released its special issue dedicated to the communication agency sector in Spain this year. This time, APPLE TREE retains its title as the most appealing communication agency to work for or to consider in a hypothetical competition for advertisers in Spain. It also maintains its third position in the overall ranking, echoing last year’s placement.

The special report ‘Communication Agencies and Advertisers 2023’ is conducted internally by El Publicista based on a comprehensive survey targeting communication directors and other professionals in the field of communication and external relations within advertising companies (including dircoms, press managers, social media managers, etc.), along with specific profiles in marketing and general management who hold responsibility in this domain (such as marketing directors overseeing communication, brand managers, event managers, and CEOs, among others). The survey took place between October and November 2023, and this year, 247 professionals from companies across various sectors and throughout Spain participated (see methodology below).

mejores agencias de comuniación 2023
mejores agencias de comuniación 2023

Trends in Communications and PR

According to data from this research, 9 out of 10 Spanish advertisers consider strategic communication management a fundamental pillar for their organisation, with communication agencies playing a pivotal role in achieving this. The special edition highlights various current issues for communication agencies, including the pursuit of ROI by advertisers. In this context, Carme Miró, CEO and founder of APPLE TREE, emphasised in the special: ‘Any campaign must be results-oriented; otherwise, it’s just noise. As demonstrated by the most successful campaigns of recent times, the solution lies in creativity. At APPLE TREE, it is clear that good creativity sells, builds brands, and contributes to improving business results.

This recognition from advertisers is in addition to others, such as the latest PR Scope, which acknowledged APPLE TREE as the highest-rated communications agency among professionals in the agency sector in Spain. Moreover, APPLE TREE has consistently appeared in all PRScope rankings for over eight years.






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