Carme Miró talks about female empowerment

Women have a harder time attaining positions of responsibility in companies and this is mainly due to three causes: women continue to be responsible for most domestic and childcare work, men are under much greater social pressure than women to play the role of the family “breadwinner”, and that men have held economic, political, and social power for years and, logically, do not want to relinquish it. This is how Carme Miró, CEO of APPLE TREE, explained it in an interview published by La Publicidad.

For Carme, wage discrimination has been a factor in the positions she has held throughout her professional career, “but in a subtle, non-obvious manner”. Her main professional achievements include having founded a professional-services company from scratch in Spain and making it grow. “It’s a very big challenge because Spain does not encourage entrepreneurs, whether men or women”, she says.




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