Carme Miró talks about leadership in the journal El Publicista

In the advertising and communication industry, successful companies will be those that are able to innovate and break the rules of the game, according to Carme Miró, CEO of APPLE TREE, in an article that appears in the latest edition of the journal El Publicista. For Carme, digital developments will bring many opportunities to innovate.

After having grown a communication agency from 3 people to 150 in just a few years, an agency that is considered to be in the top 3 in Spain because of its strategic and innovative quality, Carme is convinced that her biggest achievement “is still to come”.

In her opinion, one of the critical points of the industry is that “the professional services of communication agencies are greatly undervalued and clients are paying increasingly low fire-sale fees. This will end up with such a low service capacity that it will endanger the continuity of our industry. I believe that advertisers and brands have to place a far higher value on their agencies and reverse this downward trend in fees”.





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