We have been chosen as Adigital’s new communications agency

Adigital’s objective is to drive digitalization in the Spanish economy and encourage progress

The Spanish Association of the Digital Economy (Adigital) has chosen us to manage their communication and help them in their mission to drive digitalization in Spain. It will be our job to make the debate on the digital economy a central topic for the media.

We will be working on Adigital’s communication to position the association as a benchmark for digital transformation in Spain and as a leader in this period of change. We will undertake development of content and key messages, management of the media, as well as organizing and coordinating press conferences and other events with a view to promoting the work of the association and its visibility.

Adigital is the largest group of companies associated with innovation and transformation in Spain. They believe in the development of the economy via the Internet, digital media and new technologies. Made up of over 500 members, the association promotes and supports the transformation towards a digital economy in Spain in a variety of aspects, such as e-commerce, digital marketing and communications, mobile applications, digital content and digital advertising.





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