CRICUT, the leader in crafts technology, chooses APPLE TREE as ​​a strategic partner

APPLE TREE has become Cricut’s new strategic communication agency. Together we will develop a strategic communication plan based on three pillars: social media management, press office activity and an influencer plan, to boost the brand’s presence in Spain. 

Cricut Inc. is a creative technology platform company dedicated to fostering new ways of undertaking creative projects & personalizing and customizing all types of objects through smart, home-use, cutting machines. Cricut’s mission is to unleash the creative potential of its users with innovations that bring their ideas to life in the form of professionally finished, handcrafted custom projects. 

 In keeping with its purpose, which resides in helping people lead creative lives by providing tools to make fun, attractive and simple DIY projects, APPLE TREE through its NEW THINKING will help Cricut drive growth and visibility among key target audiences in a highly creative and professional way. 





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