Cybersecurity can affect brand reputation

The reputation of a brand is something that costs a lot to build and that is very easily destroyed, so it is essential that it is protected as much possible against cyber-attacks, says Julio Fernández-Sanguino, digital director of APPLE TREE in an article published by Reason Why.

Dozens of companies and hundreds of individual users are victims of a cyber-attack each year, putting their brand reputation at risk. “There has usually been a long history of community building, recognizable content generation and relationship building between clients and the brand. Those who take over an account will always try to do as much damage as possible. The impact is often significant and can lead to the closure of the account itself.  All the past investment and the asset value related to having an account with a high number of followers is lost”, explains Julio.

To prevent cyber-attacks, it is essential to have security and crisis management procedures and protocols. “This won’t prevent incidents from being complicated to manage, especially when there are many people and many stakeholders accessing the same accounts, in addition to third-party applications, which although generally not recommended, in practice, are often used”.

Among some of the recommendations that Julio indicates, do not open messages that are not verified or communications that come from accounts other than the official platforms or social networks themselves. Likewise, he advises to change passwords regularly and activate a double authentication system that many of the most commonly used services already have.




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