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DUREX trusts APPLE TREE’S NEW THINKING in order to connect with GEN Z

The strategic communications agency was selected with the goal of positioning DUREX as a benchmark in affective-sexual education and wellness, as well as creating new spaces for conversation and participation with the brand’s various audiences, particularly Generation Z.
Since the beginning of this year, the APPLE TREE team has been collaborating with the company’s marketing team on a communication strategy that responds to the brand’s current transformation process.

To do so, it wants to connect with its audiences in a more intimate, innovative, and creative way, placing affective-sexual education of Gen Z at the center of its purpose, so that its consumers can enjoy their sexuality in a conscious and free way. Furthermore, it lines up with a global logo change for Durex.
DUREX joins the group of clients who bet on bold communication founded on data and purpose, which APPLE TREE refers to as NEW THINKING. The agency will assist Durex in positioning itself as a leader in sex education in Spain under this work mentality.






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