“It’s the economy, Stupid”

The formula for creating ‘a state of opinion’ includes two fundamental ingredients: “Clear purpose and repetition”, explained Carme Miró, CEO and Jacobo Zelada, Managing Partner of APPLE TREE in an article published by TOP Comunicación.

This strategy was behind the election Bill Clinton’s election campaign in 1992 – with its famous slogan “It’s the economy, Stupid!” – and the reason it achieved a radical change in the state of opinion of an entire country in regard to its then President George Bush (senior), who went from 90% approval to 64% disapproval in just a year and a half.

As Jacobo and Carme explained, this formula has been successfully repeated in 2016, with Trump; in the United Kingdom, with Brexit and its “take back control”, and right now we are living it with Ayuso and her “communism or freedom” message as part of current Madrid election campaign.

And this strategy, which has been present in politics for a long time, has become more relevant today for companies. It is no longer enough just selling good products and services.  People no longer only choose a brand based on its price and quality, their buying decisions now reflect  the “State of Opinion” that has been created, on the reputation the company that sells those products has. Having a great corporate purpose is useless if you don’t communicate. “It is the State of Opinion, Stupid.”





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