Jaime Lobera discusses ‘big data’ in Expansión

Data is increasingly important in the interaction that brands have with their customers. According to Jaime Lobera, Managing Partner Brand Strategy and Development at APPLE TREE, in an article published by Expansión: “The more data, truths and attributes you know about an individual, the more you can personalize the message and ensure that it reflects their concerns, needs and values”.

In his opinion, a fundamental aspect is how we can effectively manage that data, since the greater the knowledge, the more services can be personalized. “The magic is in how to turn that knowledge into a relevant and mobilizing message for people. That is where human experience comes into play: the machine can process data and identify insights, but human intervention is necessary to interpret which ones may be more relevant and translate them into a powerful idea that will connect with the audience. That is why it is increasingly common to see mixed teams”.





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