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Launching the ‘Yaya’s Consulting’ campaign 

The strategic communication agency APPLE TREE has launched the campaign for ‘Yaya’s Consulting’, the first consultancy dedicated to reducing food waste to be led by senior citizens. Food waste is an urgent problem with social and environmental consequences; solving it is everyone’s responsibility. This original awareness campaign is led by CODESPA and A+Familias, and aims to help companies and consumers find practical solutions and advice on issues around food management.

The campaign was born from a powerful idea – who better to raise awareness of this cause than our elders?  They have years of experience making the most of food and carry that knowledge in their DNA so can effortlessly share it.

The Yaya’s Consulting campaign promotes food waste awareness and encourages socially responsible companies to seek simple and affordable solutions, just as your grandmother would.

The campaign points to Yaya’s Consulting’s landing page, which displays videos of the consultancy team giving advice on food waste, and has companies and consumers as its main target. So far, Carrefour, ILUNION Hotels, SQRUPS, Coometas (and its app Encantado de Comerte), Naria and Arroz SOS have joined this initiative.






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