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MAPFRE selects APPLE TREE to lead its global social media strategy

MAPFRE has chosen APPLE TREE as its digital communications partner for a comprehensive social media strategy. This exciting collaboration entails APPLE TREE developing a social media plan specifically for MAPFRE’s corporate channels. Additionally, APPLE TREE will be responsible for crafting a global social media strategy encompassing all 23 countries ((Spain, United States, Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Malta, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Portugal, Panama, Dominican Republic, Turkey, Uruguay, Venezuela) where MAPFRE operates. This includes overseeing content creation for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and TikTok across these markets.

Leveraging its innovative NEW THINKING approach, APPLE TREE will develop and implement a human-centric digital communication strategy. This strategy prioritises streamlining content creation for each social media platform to drive engagement and foster audience loyalty across all channels.

One of MAPFRE’s key goals within this new global communication strategy is to generate influence. APPLE TREE will leverage its innovative NEW THINKING value proposition to achieve this. This approach redefines what it means to be a future-proof agency, focusing on positioning brands within the conversations that truly matter to people.

By prioritising audiences, their motivations, and the cultural forces that shape them, APPLE TREE helps brands play a more relevant role. This goes beyond traditional advertising campaigns and simply broadcasting branded content.

MAPFRE’s team leading this project includes Fernando Garrido, Director of Brand and Reputation, and Ana Gutiérrez Sánchez, Head of Communications for Social Media. APPLE TREE’s team is led by Sara Hurtado, Director of the Digital Strategy Department in Barcelona.  Other key members include Camilo Santander (Creative Director), Jonathan Delgado (Digital Account Manager), and Mercé Magrans (Senior Account Executive). Joaquim Ramis, Senior Partner and Chief Growth Officer, will oversee the team.






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