New #SocialScene: The most influential tourism brands on social media

Which is the most followed country on social networks? Which airline has the most influence online? Which company has more followers – Booking or Airbnb?

Holidays – the most prized part of our year. Thanks to the wonder of modern technology we can leave the familiar behind us in a matter of hours and take advantage of one of the world’s fastest growing industries: tourism.

Digital Tourists: The Most Influential Tourism Brands on Social Media” is the most recent #SocialScene published by apple tree communications, where we have analysed more than 1000 profiles and assessed their relative influence in the world of digital tourism. In the report, we find that the USA, Dubai and the Museum of Modern Art in New York are the big fish of social media tourism and that Spain is the fifth most followed country on its social networks.


In addition, the #SocialScene reveals Facebook’s dominance over the battle for online tourism, rising above both Instagram and Twitter. Almost all the categories surveyed were dominated by Facebook apart from Museums where Twitter held sway.





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