SORARE selects APPLE TREE for its communication strategy

With the intention of establishing the global sports entertainment giant as a pioneer in web 3.0 sports, the APPLE TREE team has started work on its communications strategy.

Sorare already has more than 2 million users internationally, and the company has partnered with more than 300 sports leagues, including the top soccer leagues LaLiga, Serie A, and Bundesliga. Sorare also brings fans of other sports together, such as the best basketball through the NBA or baseball through the MLB partnership.

More recently, the brand introduced “Sorare: Global Cup ’22,” a special edition of the free and social game that drew players from all over the world to the Qatar World Cup.

The goal of SORARE is to become the global juggernaut of sports entertainment by developing unique experiences that bring enthusiasts closer together. We are thrilled to join SORARE and apply our NEW THINKING and extensive experience to supporting innovative brands in the entertainment, sports, and technology industries.






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