The ability live events have to inspire, connect and make brands relevant

Virtual events need to be shorter and should employ methods that increase the interaction with the audience. They need to take advantage of all the screens a person has available, for example, by using a webapp to simultaneously send specific content to an attendees mobile, something that not only guarantees that the viewer is less distracted, but also increases engagement and is valuable in terms of data that can show how the audience is responding and interacting with different content, explains Kirsty Brown, APPLE TREE Chief Operations Officer in an article in Expansión.

She adds that “if you want to inspire, connect and make your brand relevant, the value and experience from doing a live, face-to-face to event is incomparable.” There are some cases in which a virtual event can be very useful, for example, a short communication, a panel discussion or a small news item. “But building relationships and networking,  which is why the majority of people attend exhibitions and congresses, can only truly be achieved in person and it is impossible to generate the same effect virtually, no matter which platform you choose”, concluded Kirsty.





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