The WE ARE WATER FOUNDATION chooses APPLE TREE to manage its communication strategy

APPLE TREE will be in charge of designing and executing the communication strategy, for social media networks and the media, for the We Are Water Foundation in Spain, in order to help the foundation achieve its objectives in terms of notoriety, awareness, mobilizing action and increasing its resources to tackle the global water problem.


The We Are Water Foundation is a non-profit organization created by the Roca Group in 2010 with the aim of contributing to solving the problems arising from the lack of water and sanitation in the world. Since then, it has brought water, sanitation and hygiene to more than 2 million people in 29 countries, developing more than 80 projects.

APPLE TREE will put its NEW THINKING philosophy at the service of the foundation to help it to use social media and media channels to ensure its important contribution is valued, to continue promoting a new water culture that ensures the universal right to access to water and to sanitation, and to reach a wider audience.

“For APPLE TREE it is a great challenge and a great satisfaction to be able to collaborate with the We Are Water Foundation in such an exciting and necessary project and, above all, to contribute as a strategic agency to helping the foundation fulfill its purpose of ensuring access to water and sanitation for a dignified and healthy life for everyone on the planet”, says Carme Miró, founding partner and CEO of the agency.





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