“Una caña con…”, for Mahou, voted as the best Branded Content

This week apple tree presented “Una caña con…” in this year’s first edition of # 05 × 10 BCMA, an event organized by the Spanish Branded Content Association, in which 5 counted Branded Content success stories are presented in 10 minutes by those managers.

In the virtual event, presented by Juanma Ortega, Jacobo Zelada, managing partner and Harris Castillo, account director at apple tree communications, participated, explaining the ins and outs of our campaign “Una caña con…”, for Mahou.

At the end of the presentation, a vote was held among the participants -creatives, marketing directors and different experts in the sector- and “Una caña con …” was the best rated, which reaffirms its high quality, as it competed with cases for other big brands, like Domino’s Pizza, Subaru, Movistar + and Seagram’s Gin.

“Una caña con…” helped Mahou position itself as a modern, authentic and relevant company for its target audience. Through an innovative proposal, we have managed to make the brand connect young people and achieve real interaction with them.

In collaboration with Ontwice, we created a series of video interviews with people relevant to the target audience: musicians, actors, influencers etc. The style of each video interview is carefully designed to connect with young people and the content is created in collaboration with the presenter of the program, Carolina Iglesias – Percebesygrelos. It is this aspect of co-creation that makes the videos so authentic, thus achieving relevance and real engagement for the brand.

HERE you can see the recording of the event.





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