We created “MATROCINIO” to promote gender equality

Did you know that only 0.4% of sponsorships in sports are for female teams or athletes? For this year’s International Women’s Day, on March 8th, we have created the concept “MATROCINIO” as a way of promoting gender equality.

We have defined “MATROCINIO” as ‘the support or financing of an activity created by or in favour of gender equality’. Our campaign, “MATROCINIO”: SUPPORTING PROJECTS THAT PROMOTE GENDER EQUALITY, goes beyond the creation of a new term in the advertising dictionary. Through the Change.org platform we ask institutions, entities and companies committed to inclusion, that they support and promote initiatives to promote gender equality and normalize the use of “MATROCINIO” as a new concept that represents a future path for the defense of women’s rights.

Access the campaign here on Change.org and sign the petition.





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