Challenges in healthcare communications

How will the metaverse impact the relationship between patients and doctors? What technological advancements can we expect to transform patient healthcare in the future? What reputational challenges lie ahead for the European pharmaceutical industry?

The report titled ‘The pharmaceutical sector in 2023: regulatory and communication horizons,’ produced collaboratively by APPLE TREE and NITID, scrutinises the communication challenges specific to the pharmaceutical sector, particularly regarding regulation compliance and accessibility. The report underscores the need for a revised messaging approach that ensures transparency, effectively explaining why a drug may have an ‘unprecedented’ market entry or did not secure funding for inclusion in NHS services portfolios.

Since announcing their collaborative agreement, this report represents the inaugural research and analysis project jointly undertaken by APPLE TREE and NITID. Their combined services aim to provide innovative communication solutions to companies, encompassing corporate and public relations perspectives, governmental relationships, and public affairs. We invite you to download the study to explore its detailed insights and communication trends.






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