Corporate purpose in the age of climate change

In the latest edition of #NewThinkingInsights, APPLE TREE analyzes and discusses the importance of corporate purpose and sustainability to drive company growth.

We discuss why it is imperative today to define and enforce a company’s social purpose and the important role the organization’s chief executive should have in this process.

The current climate crisis and the bleak outlook for the planet were highlighted by the disagreements between governments at the last COP26 Global Summit in Glasgow. Defining and enforcing corporate purpose by companies has gone from an important task to a pressing one.

Some companies are tackling the environmental crisis correctly and are gaining a significant advantage over their competitors. They are the companies that have put their corporate purpose and sustainability at the heart of their strategy.  As a result, they are growing significantly faster than their competitors, building a strong corporate reputation that will propel them into the future.

The latest #NewThinkingInsights report analyses key relevant sources and concludes that all the major reports which study the importance of corporate reputation, agree on the major role and the dramatic urgency for companies to develop a strong corporate purpose.





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