Barcelona players could bring their own creativity and innovation to the club’s business model

We had the pleasure of listening to Víctor Font, candidate for the presidency of FC Barcelona and internationally renowned businessman. During the event, Font shared his vision for the future of the club and emphasized the importance of monetarizing both followers and fans.

The three greatest challenges facing FC Barcelona are: successfully bringing on a new generation of footballers – successors to the players who have made “Barça” the greatest club in the world (and the resources that support them), the limitations of the club’s traditional business model, and the forthcoming sponsorship and expansion of the Espai Barça (the commercial and cultural space that surrounds the Camp Nou stadium).

He explained: “There are players today, like Piqué, who bring more creativity and innovation to their own projects than Barça does to theirs. We must learn from them and aim for a similar philosophy.”





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