Benja Serra: “The key to reaching new audiences is entertainment and authenticity”

Renowned for his humour and unique perspective, Benja Serra has emerged as one of Spain’s most important content creators. The secret of his success lies in making everyone laugh and creating characters that instantly engage with all kinds of audiences.

Benja Serra feels most at home on TikTok and Instagram, where he has created a community of followers numbering in the hundreds of thousands. While his videos there have gone viral, they have also migrated to other social networks.  Through a lens of healthy and natural humour, often adopting the persona of all kinds of other characters, he shares reflections and monologues with his online community and talks about daily life and current affairs.

The success of his content has attracted the attention of numerous brands eager to collaborate on branded content. In one of our recent #APPLETREEBYTES sessions, Benja shared the key elements for fostering a fruitful relationship between influencers and brands: “I believe the key lies primarily in entertainment and authenticity. The younger generations seek content that is more natural, authentic, and less contrived. It’s the easiest way to connect with them right now“.

Regarding the collaborative process between brands and creators, Benja emphasises the importance of aligning with the content creator’s style: “The main thing should be the type of content the creator or influencer specialises in. By respecting their content style, the audience perceives it as natural, even if it involves advertising. They recognise that the brand respects the creator’s unique style and works together because they have been selected for a specific content genre: comedy, fashion, makeup, or any other area. But they are used to the type of content that the creator creates“.

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Benja’s success extends beyond social networks, as he has launched notable projects such as the third edition of the TikTok Awards. He combines his ongoing content creation with engaging series like ‘Callejeros Benjeros’ and ‘Begoña, la Cajera’ alongside these ventures.






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