Jacobo Zelada (APPLE TREE): “Influencer marketing is a strategic pillar to achieve business results”

According to IAB, 51% of social media users in Spain follow influencers, and this trend continues to grow annually. The primary followers of these accounts are women (56%) and younger users (82% for ages 12-17 and 73% for ages 18-24), representing Generation Z and Alpha.

It’s no surprise that brands are embracing influencer marketing as it proves effective for them, consumers, and influencers alike. A recent Harvard study analysing 2,000 influencer posts found that a 1% increase in influencer marketing spend correlates with a 0.46% increase in engagement, suggesting a positive return on investment.

In addition to ROI, there are numerous advantages to brand collaboration with influencers. However, when working with influencers, several factors come into play. According to Jacobo Zelada, Chief Innovation Officer of APPLE TREE, brands now have a unique opportunity to move away from traditional approaches and connect with their audiences by addressing shared concerns rather than solely focusing on commercial elements. By finding common ground with new generations, brands can shape their messages to resonate more effectively.


The importance of online influencers has grown alongside the increased penetration and use of social networks. Therefore, we have spent several years analysing social networks and the most influential individuals within these platforms at APPLE TREE. “Our approach to influencer marketing is that, when executed effectively, it becomes a strategic pillar for achieving business results and building more relevant brands. As a strategic agency at APPLE TREE, we leverage our core strengths when working with influencers. As a creative agency, we develop campaigns from scratch and collaborate with content creators to co-create campaigns. We also assist in producing materials tailored to different platforms. As a digital marketing agency, we know how to optimise budgets and amplify plans to maximise returns through influencers. Finally, as a strategic PR consultancy, we know how to foster long-term relationships with opinion leaders by providing them with valuable and interesting content based on the brands we collaborate with,” notes Zelada.

The keys to working with content creators

Influencers have become the ideal channel for reaching new generations naturally and authentically, although these audiences are increasingly following profiles specialising in specific trends and interests.

Jacobo Zelada highlights the key factors for engaging with new generations through influencers: “The most important aspect of working with a content creator is trust. Suppose we are interested in collaborating with an influencer. In that case, it is because we appreciate their content or their community, and therefore, we must trust that they can convey our messages coherently. We should also give them a certain degree of freedom because both the content creator and the brand want to achieve the best possible results.”






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