APPLE TREE is among the most attractive strategic and creative agencies for brands

APPLE TREE has once again been recognised as one of Spain’s most sought-after strategic creative agencies, earning a spot among the top contenders in the “indie agencies seen by Advertisers 2023” report by El Publicista based on a survey of more than 300 professionals in marketing, advertising, communication, purchasing and general management throughout Spain

Our NEW THINKING methodology which combines the strategic capacity of our team with creativity and innovation in communication, has consistently impressed brands, demonstrating our ability to develop bold ideas that resonate deeply with their audiences and making us an optimal choice in a hypothetical pitch or competition.

Brave brands choose us

Today, more than ever, brands are looking for bold ideas that connect uniquely with their audiences. The current inflationary economic climate and the transformation of society require brands to step forward to find ways to understand, reach and engage niche communities effectively.  These brands will be the ones to succeed in this scenario.

The El Publicista study further confirms the growing trend of independent agencies capturing a significant share of new business opportunities in Spain, with 9 out of 10 advertisers willing to work with a creative agency unrelated to big holding companies. The reasons? Most brand managers in Spain admit that an independent agency shows greater involvement in their problems and business, provides innovative and creative solutions above the average and adds seniority to the service.






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