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A communications agency deeply rooted in Barcelona

Established in Barcelona in 2007, APPLE TREE is a communication agency that embodies the city’s spirit of innovation and global reach. It is no surprise that Barcelona, a hub for pioneering ideas and a home to countless international companies, is the birthplace of a communication agency that created NEW THINKING, a new approach to communication.

In an interview with Barcelona magazine Infonegocios, Gemma García, Partner and Director of the APPLE TREE communication agency, shared insights into the team’s workings and the unique offerings of the city to its clients: ‘Our goal is to make brands more relevant to society through our NEW THINKING. Comprising approximately 150 professionals with a presence in Barcelona, Madrid, and London, our agency operates with an international and global vision, capacity and approach, catering to world-renowned brands.’

As Gemma highlights, Barcelona is a highly cosmopolitan city boasting major international companies and the best talent. This diversity is fundamental to the success of APPLE TREE in Barcelona: ‘Our offices house creative professionals, consultants, journalists, producers, digital marketing experts, etc. In Barcelona, we have specialised areas, including corporate and finance, sustainability, mass consumption and lifestyle, technology, and health, aligning with the key sectors in the local business landscape.’

The use of technology is another factor that sets APPLE TREE apart, with seamless networking among professionals within the Barcelona office, other locations, and the international network of partners. Gemma notes, ‘Our work is characterised by creativity and innovation, though also very methodical in terms of tools and processes, and that makes us very demanding and ensures that our work is always of the highest quality. Barcelona has an enviable business fabric with companies and brands that are world leaders in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, banking, retail, mobility, and technology. Because we know that business knowledge is essential for our clients, we organise ourselves into different areas of expertise, forming multidisciplinary teams based on the unique requirements of each project.’


Recognised as the ‘Best Valued by Professionals in the Communication Sector in Spain’ in the latest PRScope 2023 report, which analyses the communication and public relations companies with the best reputation. APPLE TREE’s client-centric value proposition and NEW THINKING philosophy enhance brand relevance and drive business results through innovative communication strategies. With a team of over a hundred consultants specialising in strategy, research, corporate and brand communication, creativity, design, and digital marketing, APPLE TREE operates from offices in Barcelona, Madrid, and London. Trusted by more than 400 iconic brands worldwide, including BMW, Boehringer Ingelheim, Corteva Agrisciences, Disney+, the European Union, Lego, Mahou, Manchester City FC, Nike, Novartis, Puma, Radisson Hotel Group, VISA, Vodafone, SEAT/Cupra, Danone, and Wallapop, among others






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