The first ‘MATROCINIO’ in history

On March 8th, International Women’s Day, the Teatro Real in Madrid will host a concert by the Délica Chamber Orchestra, a group made up only of women from some of the most prestigious orchestras in Europe, organized by the Fundación Excelentia.

The recital will become the first ‘MATROCINIO’ in history. The project, organized by Fundación Excelentia who are leaders in the organization of classical music concerts, responds to the initiative devised by APPLE TREE to specifically support projects led by women. We created the term ‘MATROCINIO’ in order to promote ‘the support or financing of activities created by or in favour of gender equality’.

Our campaign goes beyond the creation of a new term in the advertising sector dictionary, as we ultimately hope to contribute, from a constructive and positive perspective, to the creation of a whole new range of possibilities for the promotion of projects and brands that promote equality.





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