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Nachter: “To be successful on social networks it is important to be consistent and true to yourself”

The success of Spain’s most popular content creator, Nachter, can be attributed to his humorous portrayal of everyday situations within an ordinary family. With over 3.4 million followers on Instagram, 11.6 million on Tik Tok, and 5 million on YouTube, he has captivated audiences across social media platforms. But who is the mastermind behind these character-filled parodies?

Nacho Gil Conesa, a young content creator in his early thirties, is the genius behind this phenomenon. His comedic videos, featuring his iconic characters like the Mother and the Middle Brother, have taken social media by storm. Although he began recording comedy videos in 2015, it was in 2021, during the pandemic, that Nacho decided to leave his job and fully commit to social media. As a result, he has already amassed nearly 20 million followers.

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Recently, Nachter spoke with Carme Miró, CEO and founder of APPLE TREE, about his success on social networks and his strategies for managing brand relationships. Nachter has already collaborated with several brands and serves as an annual digital ambassador for H&S and Volkswagen. In his view, transparency and trust are crucial elements in navigating the often complex yet increasingly widespread relationship between companies.

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He rose to fame on TikTok, where he has surpassed the profiles of El Rubius, José Mota and El Hormiguero with the most unexpected content: videos of clean and family-oriented humour. “What I was looking for was humour in which the family could joke around in a healthy way. To create family unity”, he confesses.

Now, everyone is familiar with the amusing characters from ‘Mother’s Academy,’ ‘the middle brother,’ and the quintessential spoiled sibling, ‘the little brother.’ More recently, Nachter has introduced a new character. With the help of the social network Snapchat, he has developed a teenage son persona, which he already uses in several of his videos and is a hit with his followers. “I think that to be successful on social networks it is important to be consistent and to be as natural as possible. Consistency and uploading daily helps the content to be more visible to people; and authenticity, if you genuinely enjoy yourself on the networks, others notice it”, said the content creator in his conversation with Carme Miró.

Thanks to his social media success, in 2022, he made the bold decision to quit his job as the head of purchasing for a restaurant chain. This allowed him to fully commit to content marketing on social networks alongside his entrepreneurial ventures and other projects, such as the publication of the book “Academia de Madres,” inspired by his video series of the same name. Additionally, he has pursued opportunities as a dubbing artist, showcasing his talent in films like Warner Bros’ “Supermascotas”.






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